What A Window Extractor Fan Does And Who Makes Them

Having some form of ventilation in your kitchen and bathroom is vital to the air in your home.  Allergies and asthma is at an all-time high and more people are using various air cleaners to help eliminate allergens in their homes.  A window extractor fan can help get rid of smoke, odors, dust and other pollutants that enter your home or that are caused by cooking or smoking.  Extractor fans should be a part of your home’s ventilation system.  How do extractor fans work and who makes them?

Extractor fans, when in use, work to pull out stale, polluted and damp air.  Since the bathroom can become a very damp area in the home, keeping it from getting moldy with some kind of window or wall extractor fan is important to not only the air in your home but to your overall health.

The two types of extractor fans are axial fans and centrifugal extractor fans.  The window extractor fan is considered an axial fan and wall extractor fans are centrifugal.  Variants in extractor fans include size, self-regulating, low voltage and automatic.  The bigger the extractor fan is, the better the air flow and pollutant extraction.  Low voltage extractor fans are good for use in the bathroom as they run through their own transformer and can even be installed over the shower stall.  Automatic extractor fans turn on automatically when the humidity in the room reaches a certain level.  Self-regulating extractor fans have a built-in controller that regulates the air flow and turns off after a set time.

There are several manufacturers of window extractor fans that include:

  • Holmes – The holmes window fan is typically a dual fan window that can be installed even double hung and slider windows.  These fans can help take out the humidity and heat and aid in using your air conditioning less often or at least allow it to run less.
  • Decco Breeze– The decco breeze fans, much like the name implies are decorative as well as functional.  The wood framed fans and figurine fans make good window extractor fans.
  • Honeywell – The Honeywell fan that works the best as a window extractor fan is the dual window fan model number HW-628.  The grills are adjustable so air can be directed where it is needed and it fits nearly all window types.  These work well to remove smoke, dust and humidity from the air in the home.

Other fans that can be used to extract odors, dust, smoke and humidity include panasonic bathroom fans (usually centrifugal) and windchaser fans.



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