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Accidents, Injuries, and Diseases

down a stony road,a small car flip over several times and the driver crawling out as a bloody mess, my father cut off his thumb off in a powerful window fan, friends 'beat-to-a-pulp' by drunken fathers,and this is the short list.
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my apartment is getting back to normal after being cooled to near outside temperatures via a powerful window fan so i could stick my telescope out the window without seeing heat-distortion from the warm air rushing out (and having
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Window Fan Ratings, Fan Window Shade, Window Fan Reviews, Bathroom

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Stationary Window and Floor Product Info and Reviews at

http://www.ecohousewares.com/2193/20_inch_window_fan.php The 20 inch Window Fan provides an economical means of cooling using only 170 This powerful window fan is easy to install and features 3 speeds, a 120V .
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Hot Hot Heat

Listen, I've got a powerful window fan and a huge stand-up fan plus windows on 2 sides of my tiny apartment. For the past 2 years, this has been enough. Even this weekend I wasn't completely dying of heat stroke (partially due to the
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The Leonard Lopate Show: Cooking in a Small Kitchen with Melissa

I have a very powerful window fan which I installed at the top of my window to suck out hot air in the summer as well as cooking fumes all year round. If I burn something in the kitchen, the smoke is gone in seconds.
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fry an egg on the sidewalk

growing up, i can recall that it was a big deal to have a powerful window fan that reduced the temperature of my second floor bedroom by, maybe, 5 or 6 degrees. i don't remember a lot of complaining about the heat; it was an expected
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